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Mission of the Seeds of Hope

Enabling people to grow high quality nutritious foods for the community by the community. 

Our Goals

  • Establishing a beautiful, inviting naturally grown community garden to bridge the cultural differences and encourage community cohesion. 
  • Engaging our citizens, teens and seniors to create a solution to the growing problems of food insecurity. 
  • Offer food and nutritional programs to teach "how to" grow, tend, harvest and prepare fresh produce.
  • Adopting families and programs to support activities through sponsorships, partnerships and volunteer support.
  • Growing foods for our local food banks and endorsing restaurants.
  • Providing opportunities and teaching important lessons in being good stewards of their communities.

C.D.C. Mission Statement

 The Lake Park Community Development Corporation, Inc. was founded in late 2007 as a vehicle to bring resources into the community to carry out projects that help meet the needs of the citizens of Lake Park- whether that is to develop a Community Garden to help families become more food self-sufficient, to help sponsor youth development programs and after-school programming, provide specialized funding for the local library, or some other pressing community need.

The Mission of the Lake Park Community Development Corporation, Inc. is to support and actively engage the citizens of Lake Park in the planning, design, and implementation of sustainable development strategies related to the community's human, built, and natural resources.

The Vision of the Lake Park Community Development Corporation, Inc. is to have an ethnically and culturally diverse population actively engaged in civic life, and able to access the economic and social benefits afforded by a sustainable community.

The Values of the Lake Park Community Development Corporation, Inc. are: 

  1.  Supported programs and projects should be based on "Smart, Green , and Sustainable" strategies;
  2. Supported programs and projects should be inclusive and benefit all residents; 
  3. Diversity broadens our horizons;If it is worth doing, it is worth investing sufficient and appropriate resources to do it right.

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